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Events Management

Having led on project and programme management for hugely successful major and mega events on the international stage, we are well placed to help you plan and deliver impactful events which raise the bar.

We can provide a range of services to support event planning, delivery and impact evaluation:

  • Project management – provide support from inception through to event time delivery. We can help develop and manage: the business case;  project plans; project charters; risk registers; governance, project process and protocols and milestone delivery.
  • Feasibility studies to establish the cost, benefits, risks and issues of event hosting
  • Bids and tenders – we have led on, coordinated and worked on successful major event bids for host nations and can provide project support, advice on developing a compelling ‘why us?’ case
  • Assess venues on behalf of host nations or rights holders to determine their suitability to stage major events
  • Measuring event impact –  we can measure economic impact and the social benefits of your event
  • Contract work –  we can  provide additional capacity. This can take the pressure of your team, bring ’fresh eyes’ to the project and help you meet your immovable deadlines.

Event Management Consultancy Scotland

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Events Management

The consultancy provided excellent project management support meeting all the objectives.

Business Improvement and Project Management

I would have no hesitation recommending re:creation consulting to others; they delivered.

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The Facilities Development team would be happy to recommend their work to others.

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